Wonderful Video: Woman Gives Coat To Cold Man

Christina Calvo - Good Samaritan Gives Coat To Man In The Cold
A Screen Capture From The Video: Christina Calvo - Good Samaritan Gives Coat To Man In The Cold


As 2017 draws to a close — I hope your year was a good one — and 2018 will bring you nothing but the best!


I just came across the story of a woman, Christina Calvo, who saw a man without a coat in the bitter cold — and cell phone video has revealed to the world — her act of kindness, generosity, mercy, and love.

On her Facebook page, Christina explains :


"I was driving down Meriden rd in waterbury and saw this man with no coat. I looked down and seen it’s only 18 degrees out and I started to cry for him. I drove to Burlington coat factory and bought the warmest coat I could find and sped back in hopes he was still there and he was! Nobody should ever be without a coat in this weather. He was so thankful for it. I put it on him and zipped it up gave him a hug and wished him a merry Christmas."


At this time her video has been seen on Facebook over 2.5 million times — and many more on other media platforms like YouTube and Live Leak.

I hope you enjoy seeing it too — and I pray it will inspire every one of us to do the same when we see people in need.

Merry Christmas 2017

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Entertaining And Hilarious TV Commercial

A Screen Capture From The Video Below
A Screen Capture From The Very Entertaining Video Below

If you're like me —you pretty much despise TV commercials — especially now that most networks seem to run more of them than the program you're trying to watch.

But in this case I hope you'll hang in there and check out the video below — because it is truly FUNNY!

So — give it a spin — and as always if you don't like it your admission will be fully refunded at the door.

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