Two Men On Town Payroll - Don't Do Any Work For 15 Years

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Almost a year ago to the day this blog published a story about a building supervisor in Spain who had not gone to work in as many as 14 years!

Today's post is about almost the exact same thing — but this time with a Driver and Gardner — also in Spain.


In June of 2016 - Two men "in the town of Jerez de la Frontera, southern Spain, have been fired after the town hall discovered they had been collecting pay but not going to work for a period of up to 15 years.

The Human Resources department in the town council at first discovered that the two men had not been to work for a single day in 2015 or so far in 2016 when they were going through their records.

But on further inspection they discovered that the period stretched much further back than they could have imagined.

The town admitted on its own website that: The two "could have gone years without coming to work [and] according to a written statement by the men themselves this situation could date back 15 years.'

Their union defended the men suggesting 'that they were simply taking off their "accumulated days" and those of other employees, which can be shared."


The two men are not the only workers exposed as having worked much fewer hours than they should have.

The town hall claims that it also discovered that several workers from the local police had worked fewer than 100 days in 2015. One member worked only 47 days in 2015, while another worked 66.

In February 2016 it was discovered that a civil servant has failed to turn up to work for six years but had continued to collect his salary each month when no one noticed his absence.


Now if we could only talk the government workers in the U.S. into not "working" too.


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Video: Dentist DELIGHTS Little Boy With Magic


Unless your smile is broken—today's video should put one on your face. 

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The video features a cute little boy in a dentists office—and the dentist entertaining him with some really well executed magic tricks using little red lights.

The dentists involves the little boy in the tricks—completely mesmerizing, and delighting the kid.

It's so fun to watch!

A Screen Capture From The Video Below

PS:  Sometimes going to the dentist can be a frightening experience for kids—but I'll bet this little guy will look forward to his next visit.


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