Photography by Robert Merlino


I just found these amazing images by Photographer Robert Merlino on

I used embed codes to place the images all you have to do is click on images and it'll open a new window and take you right to Merlino's images on their site.

Photographers might enjoy seeing info on the cameras, and settings he used to take these images. 

You can also leave comments on his images there and buy prints.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! 

Colours of the Nature by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
Colours of the Nature by Roberto Merlino

A touch of colour by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
A touch of colour by Roberto Merlino

Gran Sasso National Park by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
Gran Sasso National Park by Roberto Merlino

Gibbon by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
Gibbon by Roberto Merlino

Keenan Cahill Lip-Syncing Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"


I just saw this on Ady Wright's blog and couldn't take my eyes off it.

It's a video of Keenan Cahill lip-syncing Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"...or as he says more accurately..."performing" it.

Screen Capture From Keenan's Video

He lip-syncs with so much enthusiasm it'll bring a smile to your face.

His web-site,, indicates the teenager has suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccaridosis (MPS-6) since birth.

BE WARNED:   Although his videos have hundreds of thousands of views (and in one case...nearly 55 MILLION views!) and he has his fans...there are trolls and haters posting comments on his videos.

But if you're like'll put all that nonsense aside and just enjoy someone really putting it all out there.

BTW...he's starting to gain some haters...go on hating...while Keenan, I and all his fans have a good time.

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TRON Inspired - Amazing "Light Suit" Performance


I was stumblin' around and came across this pretty amazing TRON inspired "light suit" dance performance.

It was created by a Japanese crew called the Wrecking Orchestra.

It starts a bit fact the first moves don't start until about 30 seconds in...but it picks up speed from there and by about 1:15 they're rockin'!  " )


Screen Captures From The Video

Awesome Video: Rick Mereki - Move


Recently a friend and I exchanged comments on Facebook that we both had an itch to travel!

Then the good folks at delivered another cool video to me:  Rick Mereki's "Move"

According to the video description on Vimeo, Rick and 2 friends shot video in 11 countries over 44 days, and then took one second cuts from all those scenes and turned them into a pretty cool video

During the pocess they covered 38 thousand miles, took 18 flights, witness an exploding volcano, and took almost a terabyte of footage with 2 cameras.

This video will really make you wanna get yer travel on!!  " )

First some screen captures and then the video.