Awesome Video: Heart Performs "Stairway to Heaven" For Led Zeppelin

Heart - Perforning "Stairway To Heaven" for Plant, Page and Jones.


Having been a working musician back in the day...I can imagine nothing more nerve wracking than looking out in the audience and seeing a famous musician watching you perform one of their songs.

Perhaps that's why I enjoyed seeing the Wilson sisters (Ann and Nancy) of Heart really burn through a amazing cover of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven"...all under the watchful eye of the three surviving members of Zepp...Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

The performance takes place at the Kennedy Center Honors...honoring, in part, the members of Led Zeppelin.

Heart takes a pretty standard almost pedestrian "cover" approach in the beginning...until the song's build up...and by then they've added a live string section, horns and layers of choir voices.

Part of the fun of watching this performance is seeing the aging members of Led Zeppelin really seeming to enjoy themselves...especially Page and Jones....who can be seen moving their heads in time with the music and...gulp...even smiling...and at times broadly.

Plant remains very subdued...perhaps holding back emotion...because at the end of the song you can see him wipe the corner of his eye several times.

As the applause goes on for nearly 30 seconds...finally all three members of Zepp wear smiles during an ovation for Heart...AND themselves.

It must be an incredible feeling to look back on your life and know you created something that people really love and has stood a test of time. 

May we all be so blessed.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School

Candle Photo: J. Samuel Burner

Awesome Video: Celtics Fan performs to Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer

Put this in the "good clean fun" file!!

Mark the folder, "Every Team Needs This Guy In Their Audience"!

At a recent Celtics game the camera pans the crowd during a break and it's broadcast on the Jumbotron. 

As usual they focus on a few pretty girls, and some young boys having fun at the game...and then they cut and hold on on an area with a young guy in the center who at first seems a bit odd.

But by the time the lyrics to the song kick in...he begins an awesome lip-sync performance!

The people around him have the benefit of seeing him (and themselves) on the screen as he performs beside them.

And he gets a big crowd reaction!

I think it is a lot of fun to watch...hope you enjoy it too!

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Video: Is A College Degree Worth The Cost?

Have you been thinking about going to college? 

If you're fresh out of high school it's what many people expect you to do.  Right?

Or maybe you've been caught up in the lousy economy and think to yourself...if I only had a degree.

Well...before you do you rush off to get one you might wanna watch this interesting video posted by The Peter Schiff Show  on YouTube.

They found "graduates with degrees in mathematics, robotics, neuroscience, engineering, accounting, business administration, economics, biology, communications, graphic design, marketing, and linguistics" working as door-men, bouncers, bartenders, bike-taxi drivers etc.

And worst of all, many of them are under thousands of dollars in crushing debt for student loans.

Still taken from the video - Captions added

I certainly wouldn't tell anyone not to get a degree...but rather to research and carefully select an area of that you know has plenty of good employment opportunities!

AND to avoid student loans!

Yes...not taking student loans may mean you'll have to work your way through may not be able to attend that $25,000.00 a semester school...and it may take you longer to earn a degree...but in the end you won't be saddled with a fortune in debt.

Also be very cautious about those trade schools running ads on TV all day and all night:  "Become a hairstylist... a dental assistant...a graphic artist...a forensic specialist...etc."  I've personally known people who were left with nothing but bills and a worthless diploma after going to one. 

Make sure you ask about job placement too.  Ask how many from each class are employed in that field after graduating...and if they offer placement assistance.  If they get squirley when answering these questions...RUN, FORREST, RUN!!!!!

Read the description below the video on YouTube for more information:

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Image:  Screen Capture From The Video

Amazing Video: Climb To The Top Of A 1,768 Foot Tower!

"Helmet Cam":  Nearing the top!

Imagine going to work where it's your job to climb to the top of a 1,768 foot tower, using an attached harness only on short breaks during the ascent! 

While I watched this, I thought about how one small mis-step could be the beginning of a very fast trip down to the ground!!

There may be more dynamic videos people have posted around the internet...but I found myself holding my breath through most of this one!!
  Images are "stills" from the video

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Funny Video: Britain's Got Talent 2009 - Eugene

Have you ever judged someone by the way they look? 

Me neither!  ; )

But it mighta been easy to do in 2009,  when a librarian named Eugene decided to enter the competition on Britain's Got Talent.

In fact when Eugene took the stage, judge Piers Morgan gave him the 'red buzzer' before his "act" even began.

As you'll see in this video he went on to win over not only the crowd but the judges as well.

I'll let you watch the video and then I'll share a little secret about it below.



Eugene is watching...are you sure you wanna
know the secret before you watch the video?

 The little secret:  Eugene is a creation of dentist and aspiring comic, Adam Gitlin.


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Video: Amazing Talent - Twelve Year Old Guitarist Owns Stage

I love seeing young kids accomplishing major things!

In this case, I found a video of twelve Year Old Guitarist RONY JANEČEK ripping it up live on Slovakia's Got Talent!

He has an amazing stage presence and best of all, as seen in the screen captures from the video, he looks like he was really having fun! 


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Video: Flower duet by Léo Delibes - Vocalists Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca

Clément Philibert Léo Delibes

I love this beautiful duet!

Sous le dôme épais ("Flower Duet"), written by French composer Léo Delibes (21 February 1836 – 16 January 1891) has been used in movies, television shows and commercials...and so while most people couldn't name it or it's will seem familiar to many.

If you listen to the beginning and it doesn't seem familiar to you, either wait or fast-forward to 1:19...which is the most well known (and used) section.

That this version was performed "live" with vocalists Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca just makes it all the more beautiful.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Awesome Video: Bob Ross Remixed - "Happy Little Clouds"


For years, millions of PBS Television viewers have watched Painter Bob Ross create "happy little clouds"...and happy trees, mountains, lakes, cabins and more.

(c) Bob Ross Inc.

Although he passed away from Lymphoma in 1995, PBS continues to air his half hour show several times a week.

There was something in his delivery and style that was so soft, gentle and peaceful that made each episode quite mesmerizing.

If you've seen the show doubt you'll agree.

Using auto-tune to set his words to music, PBS Digital Studios put together an awesome "remix" tribute video last July around the anniversary of his death.

Since today would have been his 70th birthday, it's fitting that he be celebrated again for all the warmth and joy he gave to so many people.

He is remembered for many sayings, some of which you'll see in this tribute video, like:  ""We don't make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents."   (Perhaps his most famous and probably most often repeated quip)

Other favorite Ross sayings include:

  • As he closed each show he said, "Goodbye my friend and God Bless."
  • He was fond of saying, "....It's as tender as a Mother's love."
  • When emphasising to paint softly he'd say:  "Barely touch the canvas, using just two hairs and some air".
  • When adding another tree or mountain or bush he'd say:  "Let's paint another one...because everyone needs a friend."

So to Bob Ross:  Rest in Peace...Goodbye my friend and God Bless.

BTW...Bob was speaking only of his ability to create on the canvas...and he wasn't claiming to have power in any other way.

He often said:  "In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. But when I get home, the only thing I have power over, is the garbage."

So it's very clear that he was talking about the power of imagination, developing our talents and creative power.

Purchase Bob Ross DVD's, supplies and more at

Bob Ross on Facebook

Hilarious Video: Best DUI Stop Ever!

Hello again!

So we all should know by now there is nothing funny about drinking and driving!  Right?  


But I found this very humorous "police dash-cam video of a DUI stop of a cowboy".

Put through the standard tests to determine if he is intoxicated...the video takes a wild turn off into the pasture.

I saw it long ago...but it's one of those videos that makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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VERY Funny "Talking" Dog Video: Ultimate Dog Tease


This video is hilarious...I laugh every time I see it!

It's created by and found on his talking Animals channel on YouTube.  He also does the very entertaining "Jupiter the Talking Cat" videos. 

This video called, the Ultimate Dog Tease, only has a bit over 119 million give the poor guy a break and watch it will ya?  " ) 

Oh and PS:  Did I mention it is funny??

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You'll find a lot more entertaining videos etc if you check the links out to the right! >   >   >

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Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His Trick


Thought I'd share this very cool video with you today!


For years I've received e-mails from friends with "games" where you are expected to fill in a bunch of information about yourself.

Some of the questions are innocuous or quite silly.  "What's your favorite color?"  "What's your favorite food?" "What's your favorite song?"
public domain image

But some of the questions got me to really wondering.

"What's your favorite tooth paste?"  "What laundry detergent do you use?"  "What's your favorite fast  And on and on.

Who else could benefit by knowing the answers to those kinds of questions?

But what really set off red flags for me where questions embedded into these "games" that certainly revealed WAY too much.

In-between questions about your favorite candy and TV show were ones like:  "Where were you born?"  What's your mother's maiden name?"  "What's your date of birth?"

I received these kinds of "games" from many different friends.  But one in particular kept sending them to me.  

She'd fill them in with her answers, e-mail them to me, and then ask me to send it back with my answers filled in.

What fun! 

public domain image:  detail (safe-crackers)

I wrote to her several times suggested that giving out this kind of information probably wasn't a good idea...especially since it was info used by banks and credit card companies...and that e-mail wasn't secure and could be intercepted and read by anyone!!

She repeatedly replied that she "trusted" me.  *sigh

I finally gave up, realizing she just couldn't understand what she was doing or comprehend what I was saying.


Now, years later, I'm friends with her and others on Facebook and they are still playing versions of the same game.


I've given up trying to help her...but maybe this video will drive home to others that what we share on-line is public...and ANY ONE can access it.

It could be be VERY dangerous to your safety...and as importantly...your bank account!!

A reminder to everyone, including myself, to be careful what you share about yourself on-line!!


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Al Roker's 17 Second Freeze: Other Related TV "Trances"

Zombies Walk Among Us
And Other Tall Tales!  
Clinton Auditions For The Night Of The Living Dead

It looks like a lot of people have picked up on the very strange 17 second "trance" Al Roker experienced on the Today Show Recently.

Please see my recent 9-9-12 post to read more about it and view the video.

Since that post,  I've noticed variations of the search string "al roker bizarre" were bringing visitors to my blog.

So I copied and pasted the phrase into google and sure enough my blog-post about it was on the top of the first page.  

Florida State Lineman Frozen In Time
Just above my link was a one that took me to David Icke's website forum: 

I'm familiar with Icke and have watched several of his his videos...and for me the jury is still out on whether or not I believe many of his claims.  

CNN's Robin Meade Goes Roker

But on Icke's forum they were also discussing Al Roker's weird behavior and posted two other examples of TV folks in "trances" which I've decided to share here:

In the first video,  CNN newsreader Robin Meade, sits motionless for at least 6 seconds and then shakes her head and laughs saying:  "I'm sorry...I WAS IN A TRANCE."  (her emphasis)


Edit 4-11-14:  Unfortunately this first of three videos in this post was set to "Private" it is no longer available.

The other videos I've found about this on YouTube have used video editing to stretch Meade's "trance" to 13 or 14  seconds. 

As though sitting motionless on live TV for 6 seconds isn't long enough!  :) 

No worries there are still two videos below that show some pretty odd behavior!


The next one has to been seen to be believed: 

A Florida State offensive line-man remains motionless after the ball is snapped and the game continues around him.  He remains that way until the end of the play.

Or as As chase10ful wrote humorously in the comments on YouTube:  "Legend has it that he's still there."


And finally, these videos reminded me of seeing Bill Clinton in "zombie mode".

If you've seen it you'll never forget seeing the President sitting motionless, and with vacant eyes, as make-up is applied to him before a speech.

The commentary in the video makes it clear that they believe he was under mind control.  I prefer to leave it up to you to decide.

Either way, it is very strange.

This blog post is meant as entertainment only and makes no claims regarding the actual mind-set of the people discussed.


Bizarre Video: Today Show's Al Roker Freezes At The Mention Of The Holy Ghost

A Screen Capture
From The Video

File this under "bizarre"!

When the Today Show's Savannah Guthrie mentions Catholic School and "The Holy Ghost" on a program recently, co-host Al Roker reacts with an VERY odd expression and then by remaining motionless for at least 17 eternity (no pun intended) on network TV.

It definitely has the internet buzzing with questions...and for some even suggestions of hypnotic trances and MK-Ultra programing and so on.


Since special effects can easily alter videos, keep in mind that the following would be very difficult to fake:
  • You can see Matt Lauer's shadow moving across Roker's face.
  • Roker's body is slightly swaying.
  • You can see the movement and some slight shaking of the hand held camera.

Clips of Roker's odd behavior have been posted all over the internet and even CNN's Anderson Cooper covered it on his "The Ridiculist"...poking fun at Roker's network freeze up

Oh...and did I mention it's kinda bizarre?

Another Screen Capture From The Video w/ Captions

This blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only and represents the thoughts and opinions of the writer only.

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Photographer Shikhei Goh: More Amazing Images From

Thanks to I found another amazing photographer on 500px.comShikhei Goh


He writes about himself in his bio:

"I was born in Dabo Singkep (Riau Islands) and now I live in Batam Island, an industrial island about 45 minutes by boat from Singapore.

I started taking pictures using a DSLR in March 2011.

I had tried taking pictures of many things but I really have a great passion for Macro photography and can say I am a macro addict."


You can see many more of his amazing photography posted on his link.

BTW...some of his images posted here appear slightly cropped and reduced in size due to the embedding code provided by

They are full size, un-cropped and at a larger resolution on

Here are a few select images from his work there:

in love by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
In Love by Shikhei Goh

playing around by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
Playing Around by Shikhei Goh

morning dew by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
Morning Dew by Shikhei Goh

Shikhei is also well able to handle many types of photography as evidenced by this beautiful image:

ktm beach by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
Ktm Beach by Shikhei Goh


All images in this post are copyright Shikhei Goh.

You can find out more about the cameras and addition to the settings he used on each of the above photo links.


Thank you for visiting!

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Photography by Robert Merlino


I just found these amazing images by Photographer Robert Merlino on

I used embed codes to place the images all you have to do is click on images and it'll open a new window and take you right to Merlino's images on their site.

Photographers might enjoy seeing info on the cameras, and settings he used to take these images. 

You can also leave comments on his images there and buy prints.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! 

Colours of the Nature by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
Colours of the Nature by Roberto Merlino

A touch of colour by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
A touch of colour by Roberto Merlino

Gran Sasso National Park by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
Gran Sasso National Park by Roberto Merlino

Gibbon by Roberto Merlino (robertomerlino) on
Gibbon by Roberto Merlino

Keenan Cahill Lip-Syncing Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"


I just saw this on Ady Wright's blog and couldn't take my eyes off it.

It's a video of Keenan Cahill lip-syncing Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"...or as he says more accurately..."performing" it.

Screen Capture From Keenan's Video

He lip-syncs with so much enthusiasm it'll bring a smile to your face.

His web-site,, indicates the teenager has suffered from a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccaridosis (MPS-6) since birth.

BE WARNED:   Although his videos have hundreds of thousands of views (and in one case...nearly 55 MILLION views!) and he has his fans...there are trolls and haters posting comments on his videos.

But if you're like'll put all that nonsense aside and just enjoy someone really putting it all out there.

BTW...he's starting to gain some haters...go on hating...while Keenan, I and all his fans have a good time.

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TRON Inspired - Amazing "Light Suit" Performance


I was stumblin' around and came across this pretty amazing TRON inspired "light suit" dance performance.

It was created by a Japanese crew called the Wrecking Orchestra.

It starts a bit fact the first moves don't start until about 30 seconds in...but it picks up speed from there and by about 1:15 they're rockin'!  " )


Screen Captures From The Video

Awesome Video: Rick Mereki - Move


Recently a friend and I exchanged comments on Facebook that we both had an itch to travel!

Then the good folks at delivered another cool video to me:  Rick Mereki's "Move"

According to the video description on Vimeo, Rick and 2 friends shot video in 11 countries over 44 days, and then took one second cuts from all those scenes and turned them into a pretty cool video

During the pocess they covered 38 thousand miles, took 18 flights, witness an exploding volcano, and took almost a terabyte of footage with 2 cameras.

This video will really make you wanna get yer travel on!!  " )

First some screen captures and then the video.


Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin with Human "Dummy"

This video doesn't need much set up.

It features Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin with a from the audience.


Two Wolves and A Puppy: Photographs from


12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King

Everyone has heard the term Blue Bloods...historically meaning long lines of elite or ruling class members within a group or faimly.

United States public domain
Ball at the court of Henry III o France, cica 1580

When I was in my 20's I read an article about the nouveau riche (wikipedia: “new rich”) an how they were often ostracised and excluded by their blue blood neighbors.

I wondered what difference it would make to a wealthy individual how long someone else had been rich.

Then more recently I crept into the darker corners of the internet and discovered that there is more than wealth and history that goes into has to do with literal ancestral blood lines.

Translation:  You cannot become a blue are born one.

So mixing with a person who is a non-blue potentially messing with a family's blood-line!


But that's CRAZY right? 

Only a conspiracy therorist would believe THAT!

Aren't we all told that ANYONE, for example, can grow up to become the president of the United States?

United States public domain image from the book:
The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings
and Queens of England by David Williamson


Whether any of that means ANYTHING doesn't make the next video any less interesting.

A 12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King:  John Lackland, King of England!!


See the video:

Rob Rio Blows Boogie Grandma's Hair Back!!

This video was posted by Boogie Grandma on YouTube...and she mentions her daughter, Connie, and son, Jessie, and writes that they "surprised" her with a concert in her home. 

I don't know who these wonderful people are...BUT the "concert" was by Rob Rio...and I do know who he is!! 

Rob Rio is a MONSTER boogie piano player, and you can check him out at and if you do a YouTub search for him, you'll find a number of his awesome videos. 

But what makes this video the most the absolute joy Rob's phenomenal playing gives to Boogie Grandma (and her son and daughter). 

Watch her watch his hands...especially that driving left on the bass lines...and then watch her face...her enjoyment is unmistakable. 

Wish I coulda been sitting with you right there Boogie Grandma!!

So without further's Saturday Night Special Wild Boogie by Rob Rio (and Boogie Grandma!):