Awesome Video: Heart Performs "Stairway to Heaven" For Led Zeppelin

Heart - Perforning "Stairway To Heaven" for Plant, Page and Jones.


Having been a working musician back in the day...I can imagine nothing more nerve wracking than looking out in the audience and seeing a famous musician watching you perform one of their songs.

Perhaps that's why I enjoyed seeing the Wilson sisters (Ann and Nancy) of Heart really burn through a amazing cover of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven"...all under the watchful eye of the three surviving members of Zepp...Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

The performance takes place at the Kennedy Center Honors...honoring, in part, the members of Led Zeppelin.

Heart takes a pretty standard almost pedestrian "cover" approach in the beginning...until the song's build up...and by then they've added a live string section, horns and layers of choir voices.

Part of the fun of watching this performance is seeing the aging members of Led Zeppelin really seeming to enjoy themselves...especially Page and Jones....who can be seen moving their heads in time with the music and...gulp...even smiling...and at times broadly.

Plant remains very subdued...perhaps holding back emotion...because at the end of the song you can see him wipe the corner of his eye several times.

As the applause goes on for nearly 30 seconds...finally all three members of Zepp wear smiles during an ovation for Heart...AND themselves.

It must be an incredible feeling to look back on your life and know you created something that people really love and has stood a test of time. 

May we all be so blessed.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School

Candle Photo: J. Samuel Burner

Awesome Video: Celtics Fan performs to Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer

Put this in the "good clean fun" file!!

Mark the folder, "Every Team Needs This Guy In Their Audience"!

At a recent Celtics game the camera pans the crowd during a break and it's broadcast on the Jumbotron. 

As usual they focus on a few pretty girls, and some young boys having fun at the game...and then they cut and hold on on an area with a young guy in the center who at first seems a bit odd.

But by the time the lyrics to the song kick in...he begins an awesome lip-sync performance!

The people around him have the benefit of seeing him (and themselves) on the screen as he performs beside them.

And he gets a big crowd reaction!

I think it is a lot of fun to watch...hope you enjoy it too!

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