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I finally was able watch SING—the 3D Animation Movie from late last year—and found it over-all very enjoyable.

From the same people who created Despicable Me—the story-line is one well-tread by a lot of movies in this genre:  Overcoming obstacles of all kinds to achieve your dreams—and learning the value of friendships.

A Screen Capture From "SING"
A Screen Capture From "SING"

So in that regard it doesn't really break any new ground—but as a light comedy for kids (and one with enough humor to keep the grown-ups entertained) it more than succeeds.

It features a LOT of familiar pop music—and the character voices and singing talent is superb

The cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton and Tori Kelly.

A Screen Capture From "SING"
A Screen Capture From "SING"

Jennifer Hudson sings an amazing rendition of Golden Slumbers (Carry That Weight)—an old Beatles song too.

Here's a full length version of that:

Anywho, if you have some kiddies—or just like 3D Animation—I definitely recommend checking it out.

Click the video trailer below to get a better idea of what it's all about.

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Video: What A Fantastic Break

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This video may not be for everyone—but I found it mesmerizing to watch.


Back in the day I used to play a little Pool (also known as Billiards)—enough to realize like any game it takes a LOT of practice and skill to become a great player.

Part of the art comes from not just making a shot but leaving the cue ball in position for your next shot.

A Screen Capture From The Video Below: Ronnie O'Sullivan In The Process Of Clearing A Snooker Table
A Screen Capture From The Video Below: Ronnie O'Sullivan In The Process Of Clearing A Snooker Table

An accomplished player can do this very well—and is thinking not only about the next shot but many more in advance—and puts spin (or English) on the cue ball to move it into position.

This requires a great deal of practice and skill.

Image From:
Image From:


If you're like me you've never heard of Ronnie O'Sullivan—but the video below shows him clearing an entire table in a game of Snooker—which is similar to pool.

He makes shot after shot, perfectly placing the cue ball for the next.

As I said above—I found it mesmerizing to watch.

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Good Samaritian Helps Family Trapped In Crash - Gets Billed $143


This is the kind of story that makes my blood boil at our modern world.

A man in Sacramento, California, stopped to help a family who were trapped by a wreck they were in.

He broke out a window on their vehicle and had a small cut on his hand as a result.

After first responders arrived, a paramedic offered to check the Good Samaritan's pulse and gave him a bottle of water.

Weeks later he received a bill in the mail from them for $143.00.

When interviewed by CBS news the man said it makes him wonder why he should ever stop to help someone again.

Screen Capture From The Video Below:  The Fire Chief Cheerfully Offers That  The Bill Can Be "Appealed"
Screen Capture From The Video Below:  The Fire Chief Cheerfully Offers That  The Bill Can Be "Appealed"

To make matters worse when confronted about the bill—rather than just saying it would be "taken care of"—the Fire Chief cheerfully says the bill can be "appealed."

Such idiocy—it boggles the mind.

Reminds me of the dystopian movie Brazil—where a society is so hamstrung by Bureaucratic "red tape" and having to fill out the right forms—and they become so focused on that—that they lose whatever sense of common decency and humanity they otherwise might've had.

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And for Heaven's sake—please fill out form 27 Dash B 29 before heading out.

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Amazing Video: Man Calls And Elephants Come Running!


If it isn't apparent by now—I LOVE animals.  Whenever I see a video of someone snuggling with a a HUGE lion or bear—or getting chummy with any number of wild creatures—I always want to be able to do it myself.

Today I came across this video from the Elephant Nature Park—a sanctuary and rescue center in Northern Thailand—who've dedicated themselves to saving endangered Asian Elephants:

In the video—a man calls to five giant elephants some distance away—and four of the gigantic beasts come running to him and encircle him—and you can hear their trumpets and low (contented?) rumbles.

A Screen Capture From The Video Below
A Screen Capture From The Video Below

Obviously this man and these beasts have formed a bond—just like we all do with our domestic pets.

It must be awesome to be in his shoes—and to be able to spend time around these magnificent beasts.

Hope you give the video below a spin and enjoy it as much as I did.

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Amazing Video: Couple Interacts With Massive Bears


I happened across this video a while ago and was just reminded about it.

It comes from the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York—and features, Jimmy/Jimbo their 20 year old, 1,400 pounds and 9 feet tall, Kodiak bear—which is a type of brown bear (like the grizzly).

While the couple who run the orphanage rescue and release all kinds of injured animals—the video just focuses on a few of their bears.  

Gentle Giant Jimbo Gets Some Lovin' At The Orphaned Wildlife Center
Gentle Giant Jimbo Gets Some Lovin' At The Orphaned Wildlife Center

They currently care for 11 bears that cannot be returned to the wild (most were rescued as cubs from breeding programs or nature reserves that closed down). 

It's awesome to see this couple interacting with these giant animals—that could easily kill them with a single swipe of their massive paws or a crunch with their large sharp teeth—giving the bears snuggles and rubs and treats—and it appears the bears love the couple in return.

Check out their website and give the video posted below a spin.

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Awesome Video: BBC Slow Motion, Timelapse AND HYPER-Lapse Photography


Just came upon this Vox video breaking down the evolution of slow motion and time-lapse photography created by the BBC and others—and used in wildlife and nature films like Planet Earth.

Even though I know a little about the subject and have done a little of both—I found it very interesting—and the images/examples are spectacular.

For example—how do they film a hummingbird so you can see their wings moving slowly; or watch plants grow and wind their way around each other and so on.

Screen Capture From The Video Showing A Hummingbird Taking A Drink Of Nectar From A Flower
Screen Capture From The Video Showing A Hummingbird Taking A Drink Of Nectar From A Flower

The video also gives a brief look at a new way of shooting called Hyper-lapse photography.

That is a little difficult to to explain without seeing it—so if you're curious—just give the video a spin to check it out.

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