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It looks like a lot of people have picked up on the very strange 17 second "trance" Al Roker experienced on the Today Show Recently.

Please see my recent 9-9-12 post to read more about it and view the video.

Since that post,  I've noticed variations of the search string "al roker bizarre" were bringing visitors to my blog.

So I copied and pasted the phrase into google and sure enough my blog-post about it was on the top of the first page.  

Florida State Lineman Frozen In Time
Just above my link was a one that took me to David Icke's website forum: 

I'm familiar with Icke and have watched several of his his videos...and for me the jury is still out on whether or not I believe many of his claims.  

CNN's Robin Meade Goes Roker

But on Icke's forum they were also discussing Al Roker's weird behavior and posted two other examples of TV folks in "trances" which I've decided to share here:

In the first video,  CNN newsreader Robin Meade, sits motionless for at least 6 seconds and then shakes her head and laughs saying:  "I'm sorry...I WAS IN A TRANCE."  (her emphasis)


Edit 4-11-14:  Unfortunately this first of three videos in this post was set to "Private" it is no longer available.

The other videos I've found about this on YouTube have used video editing to stretch Meade's "trance" to 13 or 14  seconds. 

As though sitting motionless on live TV for 6 seconds isn't long enough!  :) 

No worries there are still two videos below that show some pretty odd behavior!


The next one has to been seen to be believed: 

A Florida State offensive line-man remains motionless after the ball is snapped and the game continues around him.  He remains that way until the end of the play.

Or as As chase10ful wrote humorously in the comments on YouTube:  "Legend has it that he's still there."


And finally, these videos reminded me of seeing Bill Clinton in "zombie mode".

If you've seen it you'll never forget seeing the President sitting motionless, and with vacant eyes, as make-up is applied to him before a speech.

The commentary in the video makes it clear that they believe he was under mind control.  I prefer to leave it up to you to decide.

Either way, it is very strange.

This blog post is meant as entertainment only and makes no claims regarding the actual mind-set of the people discussed.


Bizarre Video: Today Show's Al Roker Freezes At The Mention Of The Holy Ghost

A Screen Capture
From The Video

File this under "bizarre"!

When the Today Show's Savannah Guthrie mentions Catholic School and "The Holy Ghost" on a program recently, co-host Al Roker reacts with an VERY odd expression and then by remaining motionless for at least 17 eternity (no pun intended) on network TV.

It definitely has the internet buzzing with questions...and for some even suggestions of hypnotic trances and MK-Ultra programing and so on.


Since special effects can easily alter videos, keep in mind that the following would be very difficult to fake:
  • You can see Matt Lauer's shadow moving across Roker's face.
  • Roker's body is slightly swaying.
  • You can see the movement and some slight shaking of the hand held camera.

Clips of Roker's odd behavior have been posted all over the internet and even CNN's Anderson Cooper covered it on his "The Ridiculist"...poking fun at Roker's network freeze up

Oh...and did I mention it's kinda bizarre?

Another Screen Capture From The Video w/ Captions

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Photographer Shikhei Goh: More Amazing Images From

Thanks to I found another amazing photographer on 500px.comShikhei Goh


He writes about himself in his bio:

"I was born in Dabo Singkep (Riau Islands) and now I live in Batam Island, an industrial island about 45 minutes by boat from Singapore.

I started taking pictures using a DSLR in March 2011.

I had tried taking pictures of many things but I really have a great passion for Macro photography and can say I am a macro addict."


You can see many more of his amazing photography posted on his link.

BTW...some of his images posted here appear slightly cropped and reduced in size due to the embedding code provided by

They are full size, un-cropped and at a larger resolution on

Here are a few select images from his work there:

in love by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
In Love by Shikhei Goh

playing around by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
Playing Around by Shikhei Goh

morning dew by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
Morning Dew by Shikhei Goh

Shikhei is also well able to handle many types of photography as evidenced by this beautiful image:

ktm beach by shikhei goh (shikhei) on
Ktm Beach by Shikhei Goh


All images in this post are copyright Shikhei Goh.

You can find out more about the cameras and addition to the settings he used on each of the above photo links.


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