Very Funny Video: John Lennon (and Bob Dylan) Audition On "The Voice"

NBC's "The Voice"


Unless you NEVER watch've probably heard of the talent competition on NBC called "The Voice".

Just in case you haven't:  Singers compete on the show to get the panel of all-star, celebrity judges (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira) to choose them for their "team" and a chance to stay on the show.

The "twist" is that it is a "blind" competition...and initially the judges cannot see who's singing unless they "choose" them first.

Generally the level of talent is AMAZING and you see and hear some very PHENOMENAL singers.


I just found a hilarious video mash-up with an old clip of John Lennon singing "Imagine"...inter-cut with scenes from the show.

The video is very well done and looks like Lennon really is auditioning for the competition.

John Lennon Auditions On NBC's "The Voice"

It really drives home what a different environment entertainers find themselves in today compared to the 1970's.

At the end of this video there is a humorous reference to Bob Dylan too.


(All images in this post are "screen-captures" from the video above)


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