Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin with Human "Dummy"

This video doesn't need much set up.

It features Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin with a from the audience.


Two Wolves and A Puppy: Photographs from


12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King

Everyone has heard the term Blue Bloods...historically meaning long lines of elite or ruling class members within a group or faimly.

United States public domain
Ball at the court of Henry III o France, cica 1580

When I was in my 20's I read an article about the nouveau riche (wikipedia: “new rich”) an how they were often ostracised and excluded by their blue blood neighbors.

I wondered what difference it would make to a wealthy individual how long someone else had been rich.

Then more recently I crept into the darker corners of the internet and discovered that there is more than wealth and history that goes into has to do with literal ancestral blood lines.

Translation:  You cannot become a blue are born one.

So mixing with a person who is a non-blue potentially messing with a family's blood-line!


But that's CRAZY right? 

Only a conspiracy therorist would believe THAT!

Aren't we all told that ANYONE, for example, can grow up to become the president of the United States?

United States public domain image from the book:
The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings
and Queens of England by David Williamson


Whether any of that means ANYTHING doesn't make the next video any less interesting.

A 12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King:  John Lackland, King of England!!


See the video:

Rob Rio Blows Boogie Grandma's Hair Back!!

This video was posted by Boogie Grandma on YouTube...and she mentions her daughter, Connie, and son, Jessie, and writes that they "surprised" her with a concert in her home. 

I don't know who these wonderful people are...BUT the "concert" was by Rob Rio...and I do know who he is!! 

Rob Rio is a MONSTER boogie piano player, and you can check him out at and if you do a YouTub search for him, you'll find a number of his awesome videos. 

But what makes this video the most the absolute joy Rob's phenomenal playing gives to Boogie Grandma (and her son and daughter). 

Watch her watch his hands...especially that driving left on the bass lines...and then watch her face...her enjoyment is unmistakable. 

Wish I coulda been sitting with you right there Boogie Grandma!!

So without further's Saturday Night Special Wild Boogie by Rob Rio (and Boogie Grandma!):

Ben l'oncle Soul - (cover) Seven Nation Army

A tasty song I just heard thanks to a friend's niece:

Ben l'oncle Soul covering Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

screen capture from the video

It's got a feel and production and sounds old and new all a once.

Check it...and feel GOOD!

screen capture from the video

Mariachi Band Serenades a Beluga Whale

I'm not sure exactly what to file this under!  : /

It's been on YouTube a few days over a year and has received over 2.6 million views!

It's a video of a Mariachi Band serenading a Beluga Whale...and the whale seems to really be enjoying it.

Towards the end it puts its head against the aquarium glass twice...possibly to feel the vibrations from the music better.

So how did a mariachi band end up playing for a whale?

According to the video description:  

"Mariachi Connecticut played for a beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium (in Connecticut) where they were performing for a wedding."

AMAZING Young Guitarist - Ben Lapps

It's pretty easy to throw around a few adjectives (something I'd never do on this blog! : ).

But I've just seen a truely amazing young guitarist...Ben Lapps perform Phunkified.

If you've ever tried to master the guitar, as I have, you know it takes many hours to improve.

To become takes many, many more.

To become great it requires a ridiculous number of hours and lotza discipline!

To become phenomenal...FUH-GET ABOUT IT!

And Ben is phenominal!!

According to his facebook page Ben is a drummer too...and you can really hear that in his guitar playing.

Check out the video...and become a fan like I just did!

Interview: TV Is Mind Control With Former Film Editor Steven Jacobson

John Collier, 1891, Priestess of Delphi
Public Domain Image

 "The basic problem is that we are living in a virtual reality...we're living in a totally controlled environment...and environment that is being created by mass media.

Now many people...especially young people...accept unquestioningly the reality that is presented by the media

Popular culture, movies, Television...carry messages about how society works and how people should behave.

And so entertainment is not "value" (values) has ideological presents a world view that influences the people who watch the programming."

"It programs us to a particular world view!"


So begins this interesting interview which suggests that TV is mind control.

Before you dismiss this notion and surf on to the next internet wave you find...Former Film Editor Steven Jacobson says that television networks and the music industry (radio) have "Programming Departments" and suggests that we should wonder why.

They could be called Scheduling Departments which is a term more people would understand.  But they are called "Programming Departments"??

Steven Jacobson:  "Using Television as the prime example:  Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history.  And yet for many people television is a member of the family.

The ultimate control is to control people without their conscious awareness."

Edited interview (Approximately 9 Minutes):  Mind Control In America : Steven Jacobson ; One Radio Network Interview - August 2011

Susie the Little Blue Coupe- Disney Short (1952)

It's time to climb into the "Way Back Machine" and visit an old Disney Cartoon called:

"Susie the Little Blue Coupe"

The original story was by Bill Peet a long time Disney guy...who may be as well remembered by some for his children's books, such as Huge Harold.

 Peet's autobiography talks about the endless hours he worked as a young animator and his rise to  "story-man" working for a gruff and tough, chain smoking Walt.

Apparently, Disney wanted to hand the animation department over to someone so he could concentrait on Disneyland and other aspects of his growing empire.  And initially picked Peet for the job.

Peet played a major role in a number of Disney feature cartoons such as 101 Dalmations, Jungle Book, The Sword In The Stone and others...but later, after endless toil, fell out of favor with Walt and for a time even seemed to be written out of the official Disney history.

Thankfully that's changing somewhat...and he is even given some credit in the extra features for the original Pixar "Cars" movie.

Once you see this old animation...the connection is obvious...and cannot be denied.  And once you're familiar with his "cartoon" style his influence on Disney characters becomes quite obvious.

Ollie Johnson one of Disney's Nine Old Men...the legendary animators who are revered by young artists, animators and cartoonists to this day...was a principle animator for "Susie".

Winnie The Pooh voice actor Sterling Holloway does a wonderful job of narrating the short.


Awesome Four Minute Rube Goldberg Photo Machine

I'm generally not all that impressed with Rube Goldberg devices.

Sometimes it feels as if when you've seen one you've seen 'em all.

In this case I really enjoyed the video of this one!

First, due to the length of time that it goes, and goes, and goes.   : )

And second, because it is filmed in a single take and runs from beginning to end without a hitch.

Yes...I'm aware that there are a few times "ads" for the peeps who put it together appear for a second or two...but hey...everyone needs (deserves) to make a buck.  

(Or rather since they're Canadians:  Everyone needs to make a "loonie"!!)

Speaking of filthy lucre...the $$$ amount of equipment shown here is mind boggling!!

At the beginning there are approximately 24 SanDisk Extereme Pro memory cards that each run about $370.00 new!!  And that is just the tip of THAT money-pile iceberg!!!  : )

As is the norm with videos on the Awesome Stuff Blog...first a few screen captures...and then the video:

Mr. Daisy Dukes Gets An Old Fashioned Whuppin'!

Sometimes it's fun to see someone who really deserves it...get a little quick attitude adjustment. 

Especially when part of that "education" winds up looking a little comical! 
A screen capture of that comedic evidence!  : )

And the video:


So Sad And So Sweet: Little Dog Living In The Trash Rescued

This a very moving video!

It will probably pull (hard) on your heart-strings...and like might be tempted to stop watching it.

But it is a wonderful story about human kindness and the resiliency of a little dog...if you can just hang on through the beginning.

PS:  The tender-hearted will want to keep a box of tissues near by!

But I promise that I wouldn't put you through the beginning....UNLESS there was a BIG pay-off at the end!!!

First some screen captures from the video:

And The video:

Rachael Koscica: Interview and Photography

Interview With 
Photographer Rachael Koscica
All images in this post are copyright Rachael Koscica and used with permission 

Q:  Your work is often described as surreal.  Is that a category you embrace?  How do you want people to think of it?

Rachael:  I embrace it!  I want to transport people to another world. I want to depict dreams, nightmares, fears, passion, adventure, death, beauty, life and heaven on earth. I seek a connection between our spirits to inspire one another.

Q:  It’s clear that water is a big reference for you in many of your images.  Can you explain what it is that keeps drawing you back to that theme?

Rachael:  I love shooting weightlessly underwater. Everything looks different underwater; it’s an entirely different method of shooting. The models are constantly moving and posing, fabrics flow and look beautiful in water in a way you can’t capture on ground. 

Shooting underwater is very challenging as well; I hold my breath and give direction to my model throughout the process. I’m so drawn to the underwater world because it’s silent and the water consumes you. The movement between you and your model emerge rainbow ripples that gently travel across the subject’s body and to the surface of the pool. It’s truly a very magical, exciting and fun experience.

Q:  Your education seems to have played a large part in your development as a photographer.  Tell us more about those experiences and how they’ve shaped your work? 

Rachael:  In high school, I spent a lot of time painting in my room. I was the quiet kid that instead of partying on the weekends, would spend hours making art late into the night.

My older brother Matthew took black & white wet lab photography classes in high school and he introduced me to the darkroom. He also introduced me to my first photography teacher, Carmelisa Woods, whom I’m sad to say died recently on April 26, 2012.   Mrs. Woods once told me… “What is going to make you stand out from the crowd?”   She had faith in me and encouraged me work hard and embrace being different. She taught me the functions of a camera, how to make chemicals and develop my own film.

Now photography is my career and I attend Arizona State University pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Art. ASU has a great photography program and we have very talented professors and students. I have made many great friends and connections at ASU. I’ve displayed work in ASU’s advising offices, in the Dean’s office at the W.P. Carey School of Business and at other galleries.  Going to college has opened many doors for me.

Q:  Tell us a little about the cameras and equipment you’re using.  Are there items in the “wish list” column?

Rachael:  When I was first starting out I used a Pentax K1000 and a Canon Rebel XTi. Now I shoot with a Canon AE-1, Canon 5d Mark ii and the Canon Powershot S95 with Ikelite underwater housing. 

I shoot with Canon 50mm, 24-105mm, and 70-200mm lenses. I also have 4 large paper backdrops, stands, soft boxes, and a 580 EX ll Speedlite that I use for studio work. My dream is to buy Ikelite underwater housing for my Canon 5d Mark ll and lens port, which is definitely on the top of my “wish list”.

Q:  In addition to your artistic work, you also offer photography services.  Can you tell us a bit  about that?

Rachael:  Sure! I love meeting new people. Since I offer a wide range of photography services and styles, I meet different people all the time. I really like people. I shoot photo sessions for families, senior pictures, weddings, engagements, fashion shoots for models and fashion designers, album art, etc… Not only am I a fine art photographer, I’m also a fashion photographer, underwater photographer and commercial photographer. Photography is my passion and I’m always doing something different, I am always learning.

I just started a new wedding photography business with my boyfriend Daniel Mackelprang. He is an exceptional photographer. You can check out our new website at

Q:  What are some recent opportunities you’ve had?

Rachael:  This summer I’ve been shooting a lot of underwater fashion in my saltwater pool, especially since it’s 115 degrees in Chandler, Arizona. 

I’ve also shot weddings and portrait sessions for clients. 

Right now I’m working on a whole new series of surreal self portraits for school.  

I’m actually leaving for a photo shoot in an hour with Daniel; I have plans to shoot in a large lavender field with my human skeleton prop and a giant butterfly catcher.

This past year I’m very humbled to share I was published for the first time on the cover of Photomasterskaya Russian Art Magazine for my surreal self portraits and underwater photography. They interviewed me as the central article and sent me a copy of the magazine.  

Vogue Italia also recently published one of my self portraits.

Two of my self portraits will be on display as part of the 'In Character' show at Method Art Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. The reception will be on August 23rd 7-9pm, so I hope to meet you there.

'In Character' show at Method Art Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

Q:  How can people contact you? 

Rachael:  My website has all my recent work, links to my facebook page, blog, Tumblr and other online sites where we can connect.  : )

“Like” the facebook photography page to hear about opportunities and view recent work. I’m always working on something new.

Awesome Bystanders Rescue Man from Under Burning Car

IMHO this is well worth another look.

In the fall of 2011 a motorcyclist collided with a car in Logan Utah.

The motorcycle burst into flames...and the biker was unconscious and pinned under the car. 

But then some bystanders stepped and risked their own lives to save the man!! 

Three Screen Captures From The Video:

And the video:

Songify This Video: Reality Hits You Hard Bro!

The power of the internet can catapult ordinary people into what Andy Warhol described as their 15 minutes of fame.

In September of  2011 a car accident in Phoenix covered by local Fox Television led the peeps over at Songify This to immortalize accident survivor George Lindel's interview.

It didn't hurt that George, a drummer, is a very animated guy...and pumped up on adrenaline gave a very theatrical description of the accident and aftermath.

Over 5.2 million views and's Songify This:  Reality Hits You Hard Bro:

: )

Screen Captures From The Video

And the video: