Awesome Video: CUTE Four Year Old Sings With Daddy


Just came across this awesome video of four year old Claire Ryann singing "You've Got A Friend In Me" (the Toy Story theme song) with her daddy, Dave Crosby.

I'm not normally into "kid" performers because they are usually either slick, stiff "products" shilled by stage-parents—or entertaining only to their parents, family and friends.

But Claire is so unaffected and adorable—AND she puts her whole heart into singing.

It seems that she and her daddy share a special bond too.

A screen capture from the video
A screen capture from the video

You can read more about the family in an article here:

Or check out their YouTube Channel here:

Otherwise, please enjoy the video embedded just below.

PS: The tender hearted may want to keep a box of tissues handy.  : )

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