Excellent Short 3D Animation: "A Tale of Momentum & Inertia"


I saw this video some time ago and discovered I'd never posted it here.

Created by Portland animation studio HouseSpecial...it's short...only 1:10 long...but if you enjoy 3D animation with a great sense of humor and a dash of irony...if you accept a definition of irony as an unexpected twist in expectations...you'll probably love this too.

 Anywho...it is extremely well animated...and the comedic timing is superb.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia from HouseSpecial on Vimeo.


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Awesome 3D Animation "The Thief Of Faces"

Video Embedded Below

"The Thief Of Faces" - A Screen Capture (With Additional Text) From The Video
A Screen Capture From The Video "The Thief Of Faces" With Additional Text

I found a very cool video on Vimeo.com recently and am posting it here for you to check out.

If you  are a fan of both 3D animation and Film Noir then you'll probably enjoy this one.

If you don't know already, Wikipedia describes Film noir as a visual style of the 1940's and 50's gritty Hollywood crime dramas, shot in black and white with high contrast lighting, that "has roots in German Expressionist cinematography...[deriving storylines] from the hard-boiled school of crime fiction that emerged in the United States during the Great Depression."

Screen Captures From The Video:  "The Thief Of Faces"
Screen Captures From The Video:  "The Thief Of Faces"

The video created by students from PrimerFrame, in the Masters In Animation School in Spain, is called "El Ladrón de Caras"...or in English:  "The Thief Of Faces". 

As you can see in the screen captures from the video above...it uses 3D animation...and then a bit of fimed footage near the end to tell the story.
The beginning starts with a slow build up...and then gets into some nice action...and then finally tugs at the heart stings a bit at the end as well.

Oh...and there is no dialog...so the story is clear in any language.  : )

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

"El Ladrón de Caras", de PrimerFrame from PrimerFrame on Vimeo.
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Vital Video: How to Prevent An iPhone PIN Code Hack!

Screen Captures From The Video:  Various Thermal Images
Screen Captures From The Video:  Various Thermal Images


Ahhhhh...the marvels of living in this high technology age...the convenience...the ease...for crooks stealing from you!!


GEEZO Larry...this blog post doesn't sound all that fun!

Prob'ly not...but it may save your bank account from being hacked.

A Screen Capture From The Video:  A Debit Pad And Thermal Image
A Screen Capture From The Video:  A Debit Pad And Thermal Image

Crooks Use Thermal Imaging To Steal Your Info

There is now an iPhone app and hardware that reads thermal imaging...and when held over a debit machine or ATM...it can literally read your pin code after you've entered it.

Really it works over most any keypad...like keyless door pads etc...and even if you're like me and shield your numbers with your other hand...crooks can still steal your PIN with it.

Anywho...in this video you'll find out more about how it works...AND more importantly ways you can defeat these vermin thieves!!  (And the solution is actually VERY simple)

So check it out...And pass this info on!  

Thanks as always for schtoppin' buy!  Have a great one!

Dead Island Trailer On Vimeo


If you look through the posts on this blog you'll notice that it's generally kept pretty light and entertaining.

For the most part it's up to other blogs and sites handle all the blood and gore videos etc.



For about the last week or two YouTube has been chasing me off its site by not allowing their videos to play on my PC. 

I've done searches and discovered that this happens from time to time to different people for a variety of reasons.

YouTube has even "helpfully" offered up a link to a list of "solutions" to try to resolve the issue...but after implementing all of them...I get BUPKIS!

The upside to this annoyance is that I finally tired of it...and just tonight "rediscovered" Vimeo.

And all their videos play just fine...thank you very much.


Dead Island 2:  Screen Capture From The Video Below
Screen Capture From The Trailer Below

Browsing through Vimeo's "animation" channel brought me to the Dead Island 2 video game trailer (Deep Silver / Yager)...embedded below.

WARNING:  If you don't like zombie movies...or walked out of "World War Z"...then you will probably hate this!

OTOH...if you laughed your head off during Sean Of The Dead...then by all means press play on the video below.

It IS pretty funny...if you don't mind seeing zombies splattered all over the screen.....

....but remember you have been WARNED!!


Keep in mind that ALL the people, zombies, helicopters, and vehicles etc are 3D animations! 

(The folks at PETA will be thrilled that NO actual zombies were injured or killed during it's production). 

: D

Dead Island 2:  Screen Captures From The Video Below
Dead Island 2:  Screen Captures From The Video Below

Oh...and BTW the trailer features a very cool track:  "The Bomb" by Pigeon John.


Dead Island 2 announcement trailer from axisanimation on Vimeo.
All animation production by Axis. Directed by Ben Craig and Produced by Lucy Teire. Executive Producer Debbie Ross. Sound Design by Savalas. Music "The Bomb" by Pigeon John.

© 2014 and published by Deep Silver. All rights reserved.
Deep Silver and their respective logos are trademarks of Koch Media. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

FUNNY Video: What If Animals Were Round?


So I'm your typical media saturated, entertainment jaded humanoid living in the Year of our Lord 2014.

I often find myself aimlessly going from web-site to website, video to video, and channel to channel...and even with all those entertainment choices at my command...sometimes find myself a bit bored with it all.

So when I click on something and have a genuine laugh...it's a real plus.

Such is the case for the 3D animation:  "What If Animals Were Round?"

I hope you share my sense of humor and get a kick out of it too!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

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Will 3D Printing Change The World? In A Word: YES!

Screen Capture From The Video Posted Below
Screen Capture From The Video Posted Below


I found a video on YouTube called Will 3D Printing Change The World?

And it seems it certainly will!

I'll share the video below...but first some basic info about it:


Various Blender 3D Projects - Copyright 2014, Jephyr

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for some 15 years or so...but the buzz about it is growing louder day by day and year by year.

Around 2005 or so, I first saw a plastic "business card" that had been created on a 3D printer...and it had moving cogs like those on a clock built right into it. It was very cool!  (Way more awesome than the iPhone case seen at 1:22 in the video btw)

More recently I saw a man interviewed on a TV show who was suggesting that 3D printing would become so common place in the next few years...that most every home would have a printer...just like the ubiquitous televisions, phones, computers and document/image printers of today.


What Is 3D Printing?

A machine similar to a printer we now use to print documents and images from our computer takes a file created in 3D software and lays down thin layers...until slowly...layer upon layer...an an actual physical object begins to appear.


Blender 3D Software Interface

How Will 3D Printing Change Our Lives?

There will come a day when any 3D file you need will be available to download...so instead of going to a store or online to buy a tool, a toy, a part, dishware, and on and on...you'll download a file...and print it at home!

Or more enterprising folks may simply want to use software like Blender 3D, Sketchup or Maya to print their own creations....and will be "limited only by their own imaginations".


The video will explain much more about the technology and how it will be used...hope you enjoy it as much a I did!

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See you in the "future"!  ")

Video: Senator Blumenthal Nearly Wiped Out By Train During Safety Talk

A Screen Capture From The Video Below:  U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal Gets A Little Too Chummy With A Passing Train During Safety Talk
A Screen Capture From The Video Below: 
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal Gets A Little Too Chummy With A Passing Train During Safety Talk


The following quickie post is about an equally short (30 second) video that I just found on YouTube:

 Safety First??!!

Irony is defined as:
the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.


The following video may well sum up the term for anyone still not clear on that definition.


Milford, Connecticut:  As a presentation is being made on a train platform...right as the speaker says "safety is paramount"...a passing train nearly wipes out U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal who was positioned inside a yellow area designed to keep people away from the tracks.

After this "safety" faux pas...I'm sure someone has had some 'splaining to do to the Senator's office!!  :)

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Awesome Video: Dylan Gardner - Abbey Road in 15 Seconds

A Screen Capture from Dylan Gardner's video
A Screen Capture from Dylan Gardner's video

Video follows commentary below -



I practically cut my teeth on the Beatles' Abbey Road as a young kid, and it has remained a favorite album of mine for years...if not numero uno on that short list!

IMHO it is a masterful work, that inter-weaves it's excellent music with sound effects and edits, to make it into one large piece, taking you on a sonic journey from beginning to end.

8-Track Image:  Public Domain:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:8track_inside.JPG
I first listened to songs from it on my sister's 45rpm records.  Then owned it on 
8-track cassette, where I allowed it to click through the 4 channels over and over.  Then had a copy of it on cassette, which I left in my 1985 Chevy van where it played constantly. And I now own it on CD, where it's kept me company on trips to and from Venice Beach, and through-out California...and now in PHX and all over the southwest.

< 8-Track Image:  Public Domain:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:8track_inside.JPG

At one time I knew the entire album so well I could sing along with every track, and often enjoyed singing the harmony parts as well. 

When I was a working troubadour playing acoustic guitar and singing in bars, coffee houses and restaurants all over CA, AZ, NV, and even in OH, I played several songs from it as part of my set list.  (It often surprised me how many young kids would come up and request songs from it too)

Anywho...you can probably tell I've been a big fan.

So...perhaps all that explains in part that's why I enjoyed the following video so much....and hope you will too.


Young and talented Dylan Gardner put together 15 second clips of himself singing songs from Abbey Road and accompanying himself with a wide variety of instruments.

Part of the fun of watching  the video, is that you can tell that Dylan is really having a lot of fun playing and singing the songs too.

Screen Captures from Dylan Gardner's video
Screen Captures from Dylan Gardner's video
Here's what he wrote about this video in it's YouTube description:

"In honor of the Beatles breakup on April 10, 1970, I decided to cover the entire second side of their last album Abbey Road with different instruments for 15 second intervals. Abbey Road has always stuck with me as an incredible ending note for a great career that the Beatles have put together. It's just me around the house having a blast covering my heroes!"

And at last...the video:


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WDIV Video: Disabled Veteran Uses Cane To Fight Off Pickpocket

Video Below.

- WDIV News reports that a surveillance video shows a large young man waiting outside a suburban restaurant in a Detroit suburb for 20 minutes as middle-aged people walk by.

Their report goes on to say that Chet Dunham, a disabled 72 year old veteran, who has a bad back and knees, a torn rotator cuff, and walks with a cane, was apparently just the kind of person the young man was waiting for.

The video shows the two slowly passing each other in either direction, and then, the young man allegedly leans in and attempts to take the elderly man's wallet from his back pocket.

Image:  A Screen Capture From WDIV News Video Found Below
Image:  A Screen Capture From WDIV News Video Found Below
That's when things take their first interesting twist:  The video shows Dunham instantly reacting, reportedly swinging his cane and hitting the alleged pick-pocket, who then decides it might be best to tell the old man it was "all a joke".

In a WDIV interview with Dunham, he says that he could see he was outmatched by the much larger young man, so you can see the cagey old veteran make a hasty turn into a bank where he reported the attempted theft.

Then according to WDIV, as a bank employee was on the phone with police, the young man, who'd apparently hung around, walked by the window giving her a chance to give the police his complete description.

Moments later a 5"10", 270 pound , 23 year old, was detained by Police and charged with attempted larceny from a person. 


You can see the video here @



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Katy Perry - Dark Horse (In 20 Different Styles) By Ten Second Songs

A Screen Capture from the video with added text.
A Screen Capture from the video with added text.


Sometimes you'll stumble across something that is really different, entertaining and interesting and you just have to share it.

Case in point:  Ten Second Songs has posted a very creative video on youtube where he takes Katy Perry's song, Dark Horse and sings and produces it in 20 different styles all 10 seconds or so in length.

There is a style for everyone from Katy's original to Nirvana to Michael Jackson, and even to old crooner Frank Sinatra. 

One of my favorites when he gets to The Doors style...but you'll also find "boy-band" versions, and styles from Rap to pop, and even opera and metal.  : )

Hope you enjoy it too!


Follow Ten Second Songs on twitter @tensecondsongs


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