Scary Video: What's In That Fast-Food Burger?

I've been a dedicated fast food patron for most of my adult life.  And my waste-line and health are both ample testaments to this lifetime diet of burgers, fries and carbonated high-fructose water (aka sodas).

When I was young, I didn't care much for warnings about health effects and nutrition.  But as you age it becomes more and more clear that what you eat has an effect on the quality of your life.

At the same time, the fast food industry has been creating more and more of what I call "Frankenstein" foods...laboratory concoctions designed to save them money...all while serving up up less and less healthful and nutritious meals.

What's In A Burger?  Video Screen-Capture - 1
Video Screen Capture
For example, when I was a kid, french fries were made from whole, sliced potatoes.  They were fried on the outside and soft, real potatoes on the inside.  When held at one end they bent under their own weight and when you broke them open you saw nothing but white potato.

Now if you break open the typical fast-food french fry, you can immediately see that they are not made from a whole potato...but rather look like a lattice-work of potato "bits".

What's In A Burger?  Video Screen-Capture - 2
Video Screen Capture

It's much harder to see what's under the hood in that beef patty. 

A few years ago I read an article in the news paper where "a California woman sued Taco Bell, claiming its taco filling is only 35 percent ground beef. The rest, she [alleged] in her class action suit, consists of edible padding: binders, extenders, preservatives, additives and other non-meat ingredients." *  A Taco Bell spokesman challenged those findings and proudly announced Taco Bell's filling is actually "88 percent ground beef, [and] that this beef is no different from what you'd buy at your local supermarket for use at home". *

According to that ABC article the rest of that burger is in fact different that what you'd find in meat loaf...and furthermore, the fast food industry is under no obligation to reveal what is in their beef...AND their "hamburger" may in fact only contain 70% real beef.

Isn't that re-assuring?  Knowing that what you're sold as beef (sometimes even in the supermarket) is actually "meat-loaf"...that should put your mind at rest.  Right?


I found an interesting video that further expounds on the subject.  The video is called "What's In A Burger?"

It claims that "beef" found in a fast-food burger is actually only 2% to 15% meat...or "practically vegetarian".

What's In A Burger?  Video Screen-Capture - 3
Video Screen Capture
WARNING:  When you hear some of the "other" ingredients in "hamburger"...ammonia for may change your dietary choices.

Old habits die hard though...and even knowing about the Frankenstein foods they're serving...I still find myself darkening the doorways of far too many fast-food joints.

But I'm trying to change my ways and eat more healthfully.  Maybe if we all do the food industry will change its practices as well.

Here's to hoping that day will come...soon!!

All images in this post are screen-captures from the video.


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