Way Cool: Futuristic Bus Allows Cars To Drive Beneath It

See the video below  -


I just found this very cool video about a Chinese concept for a bus.

From the YouTube description:  "Tired of traffic jams and tail gas? The design of electric "straddling buses" lets cars drive underneath them, and can help reduce air pollution. Also known as land airbus, the new invention is less costly than subway systems."

A Screen Capture From The Video
A Screen Capture From The Video

 It can carry over 1000 passengers and travel up to 60 Kilometers an hour or around 40 mile per hour and costs only 16% of building a subway.

Powered by electricity the bus could replace as many as 40 conventional buses potentially saving 800 tons of fuel annually.

A VERY COOL idea!!

Amazing Video: The Luckiest Scooter Driver In The World


Though the quality is pretty low...and the camera at an angle...this is an amazing video!!

Don't let the nice sky in background fool you

Taken from a Dash-Cam...it shows a scooter driver being passed dangerously and cut-off by a car.

A screen capture from the video
A screen capture from the video

This slows the scooter driver down just a bit...and the video ends with a VERY lucky scooter driver...and a "not so lucky" car driver.

Information from the video's description indicates it occurred on May 26, 2016 (video date is wrong), in Russia on the Rostov-Taganrog highway in the Neklinovsky area. 

As a result of the accident a woman was taken to the hospital. There is no indication of the extent of her injuries or if anyone else was injured.

Neither the scooter Driver or the driver of the car with the cam were hurt.

Warning:  This video may not be appropriate for everyone...please use discretion before viewing it!

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Video - Cool Song: Dylan Gardner - Too Afraid To Love You


 I first wrote about Dylan Gardner a while ago.  (see that blog post here)

Today, I decided to check in on him again and watched a video for his song, "Too Afraid To Love You".

I discovered he signed with Warner Bros Records since my last blog entry about him.

Video Capture:  Dylan Gardner - Too Afraid To Love You
A Screen Capture From The Video:  Dylan Gardner - Too Afraid To Love You

I'll post the video below but for those who want to know more about Dylan, here's some info from his website:


"[Dylan] discovered Howlin’ Wolf at the age of 10. He is prone to saying things like, 'I cut my teeth playing blues bars in Illinois' and it’s actually true. Did we mention that Dylan is 18?

....[Dylan] signed to Warner Bros. Records in August 2014, on the strength of his independent album Adventures in Real Time and the 2.7 million Spotify plays its lead-off track 'Let’s Get Started'."

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Awesome Invention: Home-Made Hover-Bike

Video Screen Capture:  Colin Furze on his Hover-Bike


We are definitely living in an amazing age.  Things that people only once dreamed of...can often now be made in someone's basement or garage.

Case in point:  Colin Furze was challenged to build a working Hover-Bike...and after some experimenting with various designs eventually did in fact create a successful version.

His YouTube video reveals it isn't perfected yet...but it seems to me that it might only be a matter of time before he and/or others do so.

Either way...it's a pretty enjoyable video...so I hope you'll take a mo' to check it out.

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Hilarious: What Happens When You Reply To An E-mail Scammer

Writer and Comedian James Veitch Speaking At His Recent Ted Talk
Writer and Comedian James Veitch Speaking At His Recent Ted Talk

I imagine everyone by now has received one of THOSE e-mails....

You know...the one from someone...often a Nigerian Prince...offering you easy money...IF you only help them get untold millions of dollars...or gold...etc...out of their country. 

But first you must transfer money to them!  A thousand or two is usually a good start. 

: ) 

Of course...most of us KNOW it's just a scam and delete the e-mail and move on.  

But writer and comedian James Veitch received such an e-mail...and decided to begin a correspondence with a scammer...with hilarious results.

He shared all about it at a recent TED Talk you see in the video below.


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