Bizarre Video: Today Show's Al Roker Freezes At The Mention Of The Holy Ghost

A Screen Capture
From The Video

File this under "bizarre"!

When the Today Show's Savannah Guthrie mentions Catholic School and "The Holy Ghost" on a program recently, co-host Al Roker reacts with an VERY odd expression and then by remaining motionless for at least 17 eternity (no pun intended) on network TV.

It definitely has the internet buzzing with questions...and for some even suggestions of hypnotic trances and MK-Ultra programing and so on.


Since special effects can easily alter videos, keep in mind that the following would be very difficult to fake:
  • You can see Matt Lauer's shadow moving across Roker's face.
  • Roker's body is slightly swaying.
  • You can see the movement and some slight shaking of the hand held camera.

Clips of Roker's odd behavior have been posted all over the internet and even CNN's Anderson Cooper covered it on his "The Ridiculist"...poking fun at Roker's network freeze up

Oh...and did I mention it's kinda bizarre?

Another Screen Capture From The Video w/ Captions

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