Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His Trick


Thought I'd share this very cool video with you today!


For years I've received e-mails from friends with "games" where you are expected to fill in a bunch of information about yourself.

Some of the questions are innocuous or quite silly.  "What's your favorite color?"  "What's your favorite food?" "What's your favorite song?"
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But some of the questions got me to really wondering.

"What's your favorite tooth paste?"  "What laundry detergent do you use?"  "What's your favorite fast  And on and on.

Who else could benefit by knowing the answers to those kinds of questions?

But what really set off red flags for me where questions embedded into these "games" that certainly revealed WAY too much.

In-between questions about your favorite candy and TV show were ones like:  "Where were you born?"  What's your mother's maiden name?"  "What's your date of birth?"

I received these kinds of "games" from many different friends.  But one in particular kept sending them to me.  

She'd fill them in with her answers, e-mail them to me, and then ask me to send it back with my answers filled in.

What fun! 

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I wrote to her several times suggested that giving out this kind of information probably wasn't a good idea...especially since it was info used by banks and credit card companies...and that e-mail wasn't secure and could be intercepted and read by anyone!!

She repeatedly replied that she "trusted" me.  *sigh

I finally gave up, realizing she just couldn't understand what she was doing or comprehend what I was saying.


Now, years later, I'm friends with her and others on Facebook and they are still playing versions of the same game.


I've given up trying to help her...but maybe this video will drive home to others that what we share on-line is public...and ANY ONE can access it.

It could be be VERY dangerous to your safety...and as importantly...your bank account!!

A reminder to everyone, including myself, to be careful what you share about yourself on-line!!


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  1. Hi Jephyr,
    It's not a good idea to give out that kind of information.
    Well my computer is down, I'm using my phone so I cannot watch this video now. I will come back when my computer is working again.


    1. Hi Child Of God! Sorry to hear about your computer...hope you have it back up and running again soon!

      I posted this video directly to Facebook...and one of the friends who likes to play these games really seemed to "get it" this time!

      " )

      Hope all is well in your world! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That video is kind of creepy. But, you are so right one needs to be careful on line. :) Thanks for the awareness.


    1. Hi Child of God! So true...makes one feel a bit uncomfortable...but if it'll save someone from putting themselves or their pocket-book in danger...then it's worth it!

      Thank you in return...I'm always glad to have you visit and comment!

      God Bless!