Video: Amazing Talent - Twelve Year Old Guitarist Owns Stage

I love seeing young kids accomplishing major things!

In this case, I found a video of twelve Year Old Guitarist RONY JANEČEK ripping it up live on Slovakia's Got Talent!

He has an amazing stage presence and best of all, as seen in the screen captures from the video, he looks like he was really having fun! 


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  1. He sure can shred.
    My son loves the guitar and is aiming for an electric one soon but right now he is into Dubstep music.


  2. Glad you agree Child of God! : )

    That's great about your son...although I'm not sure I know what dubstep is. haha

    Hopefully you can help direct all his musical interests in a positive way!

    Thanks as always for sharing here! God Bless!