Will 3D Printing Change The World? In A Word: YES!

Screen Capture From The Video Posted Below
Screen Capture From The Video Posted Below


I found a video on YouTube called Will 3D Printing Change The World?

And it seems it certainly will!

I'll share the video below...but first some basic info about it:


Various Blender 3D Projects - Copyright 2014, Jephyr

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for some 15 years or so...but the buzz about it is growing louder day by day and year by year.

Around 2005 or so, I first saw a plastic "business card" that had been created on a 3D printer...and it had moving cogs like those on a clock built right into it. It was very cool!  (Way more awesome than the iPhone case seen at 1:22 in the video btw)

More recently I saw a man interviewed on a TV show who was suggesting that 3D printing would become so common place in the next few years...that most every home would have a printer...just like the ubiquitous televisions, phones, computers and document/image printers of today.


What Is 3D Printing?

A machine similar to a printer we now use to print documents and images from our computer takes a file created in 3D software and lays down thin layers...until slowly...layer upon layer...an an actual physical object begins to appear.


Blender 3D Software Interface

How Will 3D Printing Change Our Lives?

There will come a day when any 3D file you need will be available to download...so instead of going to a store or online to buy a tool, a toy, a part, dishware, and on and on...you'll download a file...and print it at home!

Or more enterprising folks may simply want to use software like Blender 3D, Sketchup or Maya to print their own creations....and will be "limited only by their own imaginations".


The video will explain much more about the technology and how it will be used...hope you enjoy it as much a I did!

Thanks for stopping by!

See you in the "future"!  ")

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