Vital Video: How to Prevent An iPhone PIN Code Hack!

Screen Captures From The Video:  Various Thermal Images
Screen Captures From The Video:  Various Thermal Images


Ahhhhh...the marvels of living in this high technology age...the convenience...the ease...for crooks stealing from you!!


GEEZO Larry...this blog post doesn't sound all that fun!

Prob'ly not...but it may save your bank account from being hacked.

A Screen Capture From The Video:  A Debit Pad And Thermal Image
A Screen Capture From The Video:  A Debit Pad And Thermal Image

Crooks Use Thermal Imaging To Steal Your Info

There is now an iPhone app and hardware that reads thermal imaging...and when held over a debit machine or can literally read your pin code after you've entered it.

Really it works over most any keyless door pads etc...and even if you're like me and shield your numbers with your other hand...crooks can still steal your PIN with it. this video you'll find out more about how it works...AND more importantly ways you can defeat these vermin thieves!!  (And the solution is actually VERY simple)

So check it out...And pass this info on!  

Thanks as always for schtoppin' buy!  Have a great one!

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