Cool Video: Dragon's Breath - Time To Get All Sciency!


I've never been much of a student of science and found myself scraping through those classes when I was young—but I can certainly admit that it a lot of it is interesting.

Steve Mould is a self described "science presenter" and has a website and YouTube channel where he uploads all kinds of cool science videos and reports.

Screen Capture From The Video:  Steve Mould With Dragon's Breath
Screen Capture From The Video:  Steve Mould With Dragon's Breath

Recently I found a video of his about Lycopodium Powder—or as it is otherwise called Dragon's Breath—and it has amazing properties that he demonstrates in the video embedded below.

I won't give a single thing away about it—so I don't detract from your enjoyment of it—but urge you to take a look for yourself.


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