Video: Modern Educayshun?


You'll find a very interesting, darkly humorous video at the bottom of this post about the political correctness that has engulfed our schools and has created a generation or two who's minds have been so severely played with—many are left incapable of rational thought.

A Screen Capture From The Video Below
A Screen Capture From The Video Below

First a little info (unless of course you want to go straight on to the video embedded below).

I just finished watching an excellent video by Charlotte Eserbyt about the corruption of our education system by Marxism, socialism and globalism.   

The Untold Historical Truth Of American Education

In that video, Iserbyt talks about how our schools have been infiltrated and taken over at the highest levels by people who want to produce a docile, easily controlled, worker class—who are educated just enough to serve their "Masters" but incapable of raising themselves up to anything else.

What she says is enlightening to say the least, and helps explain the current crisis we're in—and I highly recommend checking it out.


In the video below, we see the effects of this brainwashing taking place in a fictional "math" class where teachers and students regard each other suspiciously and are applauded for regurgitating political correctness.

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