Fascinating Video: Aluminum Sand Molding

A Look At A Few Of The Manufacturing Steps From The Video


I just came across a mesmerizing video of a factory using a process with "green sand" to create molds for parts.

The Indiana (USA) manufacturer makes various parts for different companies and you can read more about them on their website:


Their factory looks like something out of Lord of the Rings — it is dark — probably very hot since they are using molten aluminum — and all the workers are completely focused on their tasks — and work very quickly — and are obviously VERY good at what they do . *

I could go into a long explanation of the process — but watching the video will do a better job of it than I could with a thousand words.

: )

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

* Sadly in the comments below the video on YouTube — the company says it will automate the process later this year (2017) — meaning these skilled workers will no longer be needed — but they say they will be training them to manage and maintain the new equipment.

Hope this is true!

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