Katy Perry - Dark Horse (In 20 Different Styles) By Ten Second Songs

A Screen Capture from the video with added text.
A Screen Capture from the video with added text.


Sometimes you'll stumble across something that is really different, entertaining and interesting and you just have to share it.

Case in point:  Ten Second Songs has posted a very creative video on youtube where he takes Katy Perry's song, Dark Horse and sings and produces it in 20 different styles all 10 seconds or so in length.

There is a style for everyone from Katy's original to Nirvana to Michael Jackson, and even to old crooner Frank Sinatra. 

One of my favorites when he gets to The Doors style...but you'll also find "boy-band" versions, and styles from Rap to pop, and even opera and metal.  : )

Hope you enjoy it too!


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