WDIV Video: Disabled Veteran Uses Cane To Fight Off Pickpocket

Video Below.

- WDIV News reports that a surveillance video shows a large young man waiting outside a suburban restaurant in a Detroit suburb for 20 minutes as middle-aged people walk by.

Their report goes on to say that Chet Dunham, a disabled 72 year old veteran, who has a bad back and knees, a torn rotator cuff, and walks with a cane, was apparently just the kind of person the young man was waiting for.

The video shows the two slowly passing each other in either direction, and then, the young man allegedly leans in and attempts to take the elderly man's wallet from his back pocket.

Image:  A Screen Capture From WDIV News Video Found Below
Image:  A Screen Capture From WDIV News Video Found Below
That's when things take their first interesting twist:  The video shows Dunham instantly reacting, reportedly swinging his cane and hitting the alleged pick-pocket, who then decides it might be best to tell the old man it was "all a joke".

In a WDIV interview with Dunham, he says that he could see he was outmatched by the much larger young man, so you can see the cagey old veteran make a hasty turn into a bank where he reported the attempted theft.

Then according to WDIV, as a bank employee was on the phone with police, the young man, who'd apparently hung around, walked by the window giving her a chance to give the police his complete description.

Moments later a 5"10", 270 pound , 23 year old, was detained by Police and charged with attempted larceny from a person. 


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