Awesome Video: Dylan Gardner - Abbey Road in 15 Seconds

A Screen Capture from Dylan Gardner's video
A Screen Capture from Dylan Gardner's video

Video follows commentary below -



I practically cut my teeth on the Beatles' Abbey Road as a young kid, and it has remained a favorite album of mine for years...if not numero uno on that short list!

IMHO it is a masterful work, that inter-weaves it's excellent music with sound effects and edits, to make it into one large piece, taking you on a sonic journey from beginning to end.

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I first listened to songs from it on my sister's 45rpm records.  Then owned it on 
8-track cassette, where I allowed it to click through the 4 channels over and over.  Then had a copy of it on cassette, which I left in my 1985 Chevy van where it played constantly. And I now own it on CD, where it's kept me company on trips to and from Venice Beach, and through-out California...and now in PHX and all over the southwest.

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At one time I knew the entire album so well I could sing along with every track, and often enjoyed singing the harmony parts as well. 

When I was a working troubadour playing acoustic guitar and singing in bars, coffee houses and restaurants all over CA, AZ, NV, and even in OH, I played several songs from it as part of my set list.  (It often surprised me how many young kids would come up and request songs from it too) can probably tell I've been a big fan.

So...perhaps all that explains in part that's why I enjoyed the following video so much....and hope you will too.


Young and talented Dylan Gardner put together 15 second clips of himself singing songs from Abbey Road and accompanying himself with a wide variety of instruments.

Part of the fun of watching  the video, is that you can tell that Dylan is really having a lot of fun playing and singing the songs too.

Screen Captures from Dylan Gardner's video
Screen Captures from Dylan Gardner's video
Here's what he wrote about this video in it's YouTube description:

"In honor of the Beatles breakup on April 10, 1970, I decided to cover the entire second side of their last album Abbey Road with different instruments for 15 second intervals. Abbey Road has always stuck with me as an incredible ending note for a great career that the Beatles have put together. It's just me around the house having a blast covering my heroes!"

And at last...the video:


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