Good Samaritian Helps Family Trapped In Crash - Gets Billed $143


This is the kind of story that makes my blood boil at our modern world.

A man in Sacramento, California, stopped to help a family who were trapped by a wreck they were in.

He broke out a window on their vehicle and had a small cut on his hand as a result.

After first responders arrived, a paramedic offered to check the Good Samaritan's pulse and gave him a bottle of water.

Weeks later he received a bill in the mail from them for $143.00.

When interviewed by CBS news the man said it makes him wonder why he should ever stop to help someone again.

Screen Capture From The Video Below:  The Fire Chief Cheerfully Offers That  The Bill Can Be "Appealed"
Screen Capture From The Video Below:  The Fire Chief Cheerfully Offers That  The Bill Can Be "Appealed"

To make matters worse when confronted about the bill—rather than just saying it would be "taken care of"—the Fire Chief cheerfully says the bill can be "appealed."

Such idiocy—it boggles the mind.

Reminds me of the dystopian movie Brazil—where a society is so hamstrung by Bureaucratic "red tape" and having to fill out the right forms—and they become so focused on that—that they lose whatever sense of common decency and humanity they otherwise might've had.

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