Amazing Video: Man Calls And Elephants Come Running!


If it isn't apparent by now—I LOVE animals.  Whenever I see a video of someone snuggling with a a HUGE lion or bear—or getting chummy with any number of wild creatures—I always want to be able to do it myself.

Today I came across this video from the Elephant Nature Park—a sanctuary and rescue center in Northern Thailand—who've dedicated themselves to saving endangered Asian Elephants:

In the video—a man calls to five giant elephants some distance away—and four of the gigantic beasts come running to him and encircle him—and you can hear their trumpets and low (contented?) rumbles.

A Screen Capture From The Video Below
A Screen Capture From The Video Below

Obviously this man and these beasts have formed a bond—just like we all do with our domestic pets.

It must be awesome to be in his shoes—and to be able to spend time around these magnificent beasts.

Hope you give the video below a spin and enjoy it as much as I did.

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