Amazing Video: The Luckiest Scooter Driver In The World


Though the quality is pretty low...and the camera at an angle...this is an amazing video!!

Don't let the nice sky in background fool you

Taken from a shows a scooter driver being passed dangerously and cut-off by a car.

A screen capture from the video
A screen capture from the video

This slows the scooter driver down just a bit...and the video ends with a VERY lucky scooter driver...and a "not so lucky" car driver.

Information from the video's description indicates it occurred on May 26, 2016 (video date is wrong), in Russia on the Rostov-Taganrog highway in the Neklinovsky area. 

As a result of the accident a woman was taken to the hospital. There is no indication of the extent of her injuries or if anyone else was injured.

Neither the scooter Driver or the driver of the car with the cam were hurt.

Warning:  This video may not be appropriate for everyone...please use discretion before viewing it!

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