Video - Cool Song: Dylan Gardner - Too Afraid To Love You


 I first wrote about Dylan Gardner a while ago.  (see that blog post here)

Today, I decided to check in on him again and watched a video for his song, "Too Afraid To Love You".

I discovered he signed with Warner Bros Records since my last blog entry about him.

Video Capture:  Dylan Gardner - Too Afraid To Love You
A Screen Capture From The Video:  Dylan Gardner - Too Afraid To Love You

I'll post the video below but for those who want to know more about Dylan, here's some info from his website:

"[Dylan] discovered Howlin’ Wolf at the age of 10. He is prone to saying things like, 'I cut my teeth playing blues bars in Illinois' and it’s actually true. Did we mention that Dylan is 18?

....[Dylan] signed to Warner Bros. Records in August 2014, on the strength of his independent album Adventures in Real Time and the 2.7 million Spotify plays its lead-off track 'Let’s Get Started'."

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