Rob Rio Blows Boogie Grandma's Hair Back!!

This video was posted by Boogie Grandma on YouTube...and she mentions her daughter, Connie, and son, Jessie, and writes that they "surprised" her with a concert in her home. 

I don't know who these wonderful people are...BUT the "concert" was by Rob Rio...and I do know who he is!! 

Rob Rio is a MONSTER boogie piano player, and you can check him out at and if you do a YouTub search for him, you'll find a number of his awesome videos. 

But what makes this video the most the absolute joy Rob's phenomenal playing gives to Boogie Grandma (and her son and daughter). 

Watch her watch his hands...especially that driving left on the bass lines...and then watch her face...her enjoyment is unmistakable. 

Wish I coulda been sitting with you right there Boogie Grandma!!

So without further's Saturday Night Special Wild Boogie by Rob Rio (and Boogie Grandma!):

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