I Like Pandas - Animation By Jessica Borutski


Ok...for this one we get in the "way back machine" (per internet standards anyway) and set it to 2006 when a young, talented animator named Jessica Borutski posted her animation/video I Like Pandas on YouTube.

It's cute...and a little creepy...but funny creepy...not "dark, back- alley, all alone and hearing foot-steps in the middle of the night creepy".

And it's a little addictive in the sense that you cannot "unsee" it once seen...and the day will come when you want to see it again.   : )


Oops...ok sorry...I got a bit dramatic for a second there.

Here's a look at a "screen-capture" from the video:

Screen-Cap from I Love Pandas - By Jessica Borutski - copyright 2006

And the video itself:

You can read a bit more about this video on her blog:

Thanks fer droppin' in!

: )

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