NO EXCUSES - Inspirational Images


Have I mentioned I'm finding a lot of cool schtuff on   : )


Yesterday I found a wunn'erful post by Alden Tan there:

He shares 19 images that "scream NO EXCUSES"!

I found them very inspiring.

Although Alden didn't neccessarily create them...he did a lot of work to compile, caption and "interpret" them.

So I e-mailed him and asked if I could post a few of them here (adding his captions)...and he graciously agreed.

I'll find them inspiring.  Thank you again Alden!

No excuses to not smile and be happy

Age is no excuse

BTW...the hardest part for me was limiting myself to 3 or 4 images from Alden's check out his link above to see them all!!


  1. it sad to see these poeple with out there leg or legs think if u had no legs or a legs how would you
    feelwill you feel....
    it would be hard to do alots of stuff you
    try haveing no legs or a leg go on you try
    not easy uh now next time you see a person with no legs or a leg help them out like hold the door for them help them cair something so
    help people and people will help you byb PEACE

    1. I just found your comment Dottie...thank you for your've given good advice for all to live by! Thanks again!