Amazing!: 30 Stranded Dolphins Saved By People

This is an AMAZING video for at least two reasons:

One, you'll watch as an estimated 30 Dolphins inexplicably swim towards shore and ultimately strand themselves on the sand.

But then without any kind of direction, the men on the beach begin pulling them back out into open water, where it would seem all of them swim off and live another day!!

Awesome video!!

The video was shot by Gerd Traue at Arraial do Cabo (Brazil) in the morning of March 5th 2012.

^ Screen Captures from the video >

And the video:


  1. Love dolphins so this was great!

    1. Thank you Ady! It was kinda weird the way they swam up on the beach...and wonderful that people saved them! : )

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!