Beautiful Image And Poem By Gloria Scholik!


In a recent art history course I took, the class discussed famous art work from throughout the world and I thought about the people of those times...hearing about those wonders...but often living to far away to even consider visiting them.  

A villager during the  Renaissance, for example, might not venture more than 50 miles from where they were born.  So for many of them standing in the Sistine Chapel was simply out of the question.

So sometimes I still marvel that we can sit in front of a screen and have the world "delivered" to us.  Within a few clicks we can see panoramas of Paris from the Eiffel Tower...or zoom in and study the brush strokes on Leonardo's Mona Lisa.


Recently I found an awesome digital painting on

"Beyond The Mirror" is a wonderful image by freelance illustrator and artist Gloria Scholik.

Gloria has graciously agreed to let me post her image...and include a poem she wrote...which inspired her to begin creating this image:

"Beyond The Mirror" - Gloria Scholik - copyright 2011 - Created in Photoshop
And her poem:

Untitled - April 3rd

To struggle between the daylight and the night,
On a day that wept with rain, and jealous of the sun,
Has faded to a veil of stars,
Adorned like some concubine in guilty diamonds.

Such beautiful miseries,
Such passions that make the angels weep,
And pluck their tangled strings with sour envy.

Such wants,
Come crawling through the darkness,
Like a half starved hound,
Who had long ago been lost in a barren place.

Limping to my door and lowly whining,
The hound says that all debts have been erased,
And opening the door with all of its groaning,
Upon the hinges so long unmoved, uninspired,

The night was like the world beyond the mirror,
Where the rabbit had so enticed the child.

- Gloria Scholik


Gloria offers more information and insight into the creation of her image on her gallery post about it on


Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful image and poem Gloria!


Gloria is available for freelance work. 

Contact her for more information:

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