Susie the Little Blue Coupe- Disney Short (1952)

It's time to climb into the "Way Back Machine" and visit an old Disney Cartoon called:

"Susie the Little Blue Coupe"

The original story was by Bill Peet a long time Disney guy...who may be as well remembered by some for his children's books, such as Huge Harold.

 Peet's autobiography talks about the endless hours he worked as a young animator and his rise to  "story-man" working for a gruff and tough, chain smoking Walt.

Apparently, Disney wanted to hand the animation department over to someone so he could concentrait on Disneyland and other aspects of his growing empire.  And initially picked Peet for the job.

Peet played a major role in a number of Disney feature cartoons such as 101 Dalmations, Jungle Book, The Sword In The Stone and others...but later, after endless toil, fell out of favor with Walt and for a time even seemed to be written out of the official Disney history.

Thankfully that's changing somewhat...and he is even given some credit in the extra features for the original Pixar "Cars" movie.

Once you see this old animation...the connection is obvious...and cannot be denied.  And once you're familiar with his "cartoon" style his influence on Disney characters becomes quite obvious.

Ollie Johnson one of Disney's Nine Old Men...the legendary animators who are revered by young artists, animators and cartoonists to this day...was a principle animator for "Susie".

Winnie The Pooh voice actor Sterling Holloway does a wonderful job of narrating the short.


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