So Sad And So Sweet: Little Dog Living In The Trash Rescued

This a very moving video!

It will probably pull (hard) on your heart-strings...and like might be tempted to stop watching it.

But it is a wonderful story about human kindness and the resiliency of a little dog...if you can just hang on through the beginning.

PS:  The tender-hearted will want to keep a box of tissues near by!

But I promise that I wouldn't put you through the beginning....UNLESS there was a BIG pay-off at the end!!!

First some screen captures from the video:

And The video:


  1. What a touching video.....It's saddens me that there are so many homeless and unwanted animals out there! Thanks for sharing! I'm so happy this story had a happy ending!

    1. Thank you Jenny...I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

      Yes...there are too many neglected animals out there and this one (because the little doggie was blind) was especially touching.

      I'm glad these folks were there to help it have a very happy ending indeed! : )

      Thank you again!