AMAZING Young Guitarist - Ben Lapps

It's pretty easy to throw around a few adjectives (something I'd never do on this blog! : ).

But I've just seen a truely amazing young guitarist...Ben Lapps perform Phunkified.

If you've ever tried to master the guitar, as I have, you know it takes many hours to improve.

To become takes many, many more.

To become great it requires a ridiculous number of hours and lotza discipline!

To become phenomenal...FUH-GET ABOUT IT!

And Ben is phenominal!!

According to his facebook page Ben is a drummer too...and you can really hear that in his guitar playing.

Check out the video...and become a fan like I just did!


  1. umm yeah he is awesome! Love the music!

    1. " )'s pretty hard to deny that~! : ) I'm so happy you enjoyed it!