Catvertising: A Very Funny Video!

So you've spent hours working on you latest video, tightening up the script, shooting various scenes, editing, working on the narration, sound and music fianally get it done and  up-loaded and sit back and wait for all those "views" to magically roll in.

While you're waiting to hit internet do a little surfing and find a recently up-loaded un-edited video some guy shot of his cat just sitting in the window sill.

You scoff...especially when you see it has 10 views.

An hour later...your video still has only has 12 views from people you've begged to come and see it...and 2 of the 5 comments are from your mom.

No worries you think...I'll check in on that cat'll make me feel better.


HOLD ON!!!   HOW DID IT GET 55,275 VIEWS...4,327 THUMBS UP...AND 459 COMMENTS??!!!

A day later you still have 12 views and that stoopid cat video has gone viral!!!

It's the MAGIC of CATS!!   : )

Watch The Very Funny "Catvertising" Video:  : )

A Screen Capture From The Video
Und Der Video:

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