Awesome Four Minute Rube Goldberg Photo Machine

I'm generally not all that impressed with Rube Goldberg devices.

Sometimes it feels as if when you've seen one you've seen 'em all.

In this case I really enjoyed the video of this one!

First, due to the length of time that it goes, and goes, and goes.   : )

And second, because it is filmed in a single take and runs from beginning to end without a hitch.

Yes...I'm aware that there are a few times "ads" for the peeps who put it together appear for a second or two...but hey...everyone needs (deserves) to make a buck.  

(Or rather since they're Canadians:  Everyone needs to make a "loonie"!!)

Speaking of filthy lucre...the $$$ amount of equipment shown here is mind boggling!!

At the beginning there are approximately 24 SanDisk Extereme Pro memory cards that each run about $370.00 new!!  And that is just the tip of THAT money-pile iceberg!!!  : )

As is the norm with videos on the Awesome Stuff Blog...first a few screen captures...and then the video:

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