Walking With Dinosaurs???

I saw this video on YouTube called Walking With Dinosaurs. 


I had to translate it's description using Yahoo Babel Fish auto-detect...so I'm not sure what the original language is.

After a bit of "editing...to have it make more sense...here's the translated video description: 

"An elementary school near the Australian city of Sydney's Bondi was visited by a baby dinosaur.  
The Tyrannosaurus Rex came as promotion for the show "Walking With Dinosaurs", from the Australian company Global Creatures."

You'll see that most of the kids were having fun, especially the older ones...while some of the younger kids were a bit frightened. 

But OTOH I've seen videos of kids who were terrorized by an Eeyore mascot...and I certainly am willing to guess it was no one's intention to frighten anyone. 

And I'll bet it will be a day most of them will never forget!!  : ) 

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